Tetramorium staerckei Kratochvíl et al., 1944 valid
Tetramorium staerckei Kratochvíl et al., 1944: 65 (w.q.m.) HUNGARY. Palearctic.
Secondary type information: Type locality. Nagytétény (Hungary), 47.391° N, 18.987° E, 102 m a.s.l., leg. P. Röszler, 17.VI.1935. Type notes: Lectotype designation. Worker closer to needle (of two syntype workers of one card), labeled "Hongrie Nagytétény Coll: Röszler [/] "17. VI. 1935" [–] "500" [–] Typus [–] "Tetramorium caespitum v. hungaricum v. Staerckei worker Rößl. Typus! No. 500" [/] "PAUL RÖSZLER Baross Gabor-telep HONGRIE – EUROPE", designated as lectotype (Fig. 18). Lectotype worker, one paralectotype worker, one paralectotype gyne, and one paralectotype male in Museum of Natural History, Sibiu / Hermannstadt (Romania).
  • [First available use of Tetramorium caespitum hungarica staerckei Röszler, 1936b: 60 (w.q.m.) HUNGARY; unavailable (infrasubspecific) name.].
  • Junior synonym of Tetramorium impurum: Kutter, 1977c: 159; Radchenko, 2016: 246.
  • Status as species: Wagner et al., 2017: 119 (redescription).