Tetramorium punicum (Smith, 1861) valid
Myrmica punica Smith, 1861a: 34 (w.) ISRAEL. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker (apparently only one specimen described). Primary type locality: “Holy Land”: Syria and Palestine (= Israel), ix-x.1860 (D.J. Hooker, D. Hanbury). Primary type depository: no type-material is known to exist. Type notes: Santschi, 1921b: 433, notes that according to Donisthorpe, no type-material of Tetramorium punicum is present in BMNH or OXUM. Sanetra et al., 1999: 329 (in text), suggest that Tetramorium punicum may best be regarded as a nomen dubium.
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