Camponotus substitutus Forel, 1899 valid
Camponotus landolti r. substitutus Forel, 1899h: 136 (w.q.) BRAZIL (Pará). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype workers, syntype queens (numbers not stated). Primary type localities: workers, queen Brazil: Pará, Santarem (H.W. Bates) (invalid restriction of type locality by Kempf, 1972b: 72; no lectotype designated), queen Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (Novara Expd.), workers, queens Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (Naegeli), Brazil: Bahia, Caravellas (Joseph), Brazil: Pará (ex coll. Saussure), French Guiana: Cayenne (ex coll. Saussure), Mexico: Orizaba (ex coll. Saussure). Primary type depositories: BMNH, MHNG, NHMW. Type notes: This taxon is based on workers of Camponotus sexguttatus Fabricius, 1793, sensu Smith, 1858a: 44, misidentification, sensu Mayr, 1862: 656, misidentification, and sensu Forel, 1879a: 71, misidentification.
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