Camponotus tanosy Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018 valid
Camponotus tanosy Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018: 54, figs. 7A, 34, 42 (s.w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Holotype worker. Madagascar: Province Tokiara, Anosy Region, Anosyenne Mts, 31.2 km NW Manantenina, - 24.13894, 47.06804, 1125 m, ex rotten log, rainforest, 26 Feb 2015, (B.L. Fisher, F.A. Esteves et al.), collection code: BLF36510, specimen code: CASENT0803890 (CASC) Secondary type information: Paratypes. 7 minor workers and 1 major worker with same data as holotype but with specimen codes: CASENT0803889, CASENT0803891, CASENT0803892, CASENT0803893, CASENT0803894 (major), CASENT0803895, CASENT0393312, CASENT0804650 (CASC, BMNH, MHNG, MSNG, PBZT)
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