Camponotus cognatocompressus Forel, 1904 valid
Primary type information: Primary type material: 3 syntype major and minor workers, 1 syntype queen, 2 syntype males. Primary type localities: Iran (“Persia”): S Meschched, Torok-Bjardzu, 28.iii.1898 (Zarudny), Iran: Neibandun, Runi Valley, 16.v.1896 (Zarudny), Iran: Khorasan, Lake Namaksir, Mudzuabad, 17.iv.1898 (Zarudny), St Tedzen, 25.viii.1896 (Ahnger). Primary type depositories: MHNG, ZISP. Type notes: This taxon apparently has exactly the same type material as Camponotus xerxes.
Obsolete combinations