Camponotus liandia Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018 valid
Camponotus liandia Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018: 33, figs. 6A, 19, 25 (s.w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Holotype worker. Madagascar: Province Antananarivo, Andohony I Non Protected Area, 22.62 km SW Antsirabe, -20.06784, 46.99068, 1451 m, transect subsample #16, soil digging 20 sample transect, 10 m, ex soil, Savannah grassland, 6–7 Mar 2012 (A. Ravelomanana) collection code: ARA1637, specimen code: CASENT0803903 (CASC) Secondary type information: Paratypes. 4 workers with same data as holotype but with specimen codes: CASENT0803901, CASENT0803902, CASENT0803904, CASENT0803905; 4 workers with collection code: ARA1636, specimen codes: CASENT0803900, CASENT0803897, CASENT0803898, CASENT0803899 (CASC, BMNH, MHNG, PBZT)
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