Camponotus opaca (Nylander, 1856) junior synonym of current valid taxon Camponotus cruentatus (Latreille, 1802)
Formica opaca Nylander, 1856b: 55, pl. 3, fig. 16 (w.) FRANCE, ALGERIA. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype workers (number not stated). Primary type localities: France and Algeria (no further data). Primary type depository: unknown. Type notes: This taxon was not found in Nylander’s collection (ZMHF) by Radchenko, 2007. It is possible that Nylander did not retain any material as his title of the species is followed by: “Duf. mscrpt.; Savign. Atl. Aegypt. X, 20, f. 7”.
Obsolete combinations