Leptothorax canadensis Provancher, 1887 valid
Leptothorax canadensis Provancher, 1887c: 245 (w.q.m.) CANADA (Ontario). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: syntype workers (number not stated), 1 syntype queen, 1 syntype male. Type-locality: Canada: Ontario, Ottawa, Cap Rouge (L. Provancher). Type-depository: unknown, perhaps in LUQC. Type notes: LUQC is suggested by Creighton, 1950a: 276. Before Creighton, Gahan & Rohwer, 1917a: 433, had said of Leptothorax canadensis “Type-Not located”. Later, Francoeur & Béique, 1966a: 142, apparently record 3 syntypes but fail to note the depository. The reference they give (Gahan & Rohwer, 1918a: 103) does not mention Leptothorax, but they do say that specimens in the Collège de Lévis are not syntypes of Leptothorax canadensis.
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