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Notes: Errata for Brown (1949a.

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Protonyms originally described by author
Protonym Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Monomorium viridum Monomorium viridum Brown, 1943 Species Valid Original combination
Stictoponera panda Stictoponera panda Brown, 1948a Species Valid Original combination
Strumigenys (Trichoscapa) karawajewi Strumigenys karawajewi Brown, 1948b Species Valid Original combination
Discothyrea remingtoni Discothyrea remingtoni Brown, 1948c Species Valid Original combination
Alistruma Alistruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Clarkistruma Clarkistruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Hexadaceton Hexadaceton Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Mesostruma Mesostruma Brown, 1948e Genus Valid
Smithistruma Smithistruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Weberistruma Weberistruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Wessonistruma Wessonistruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Serrastruma Serrastruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Neostruma Neostruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Dorisidris Dorisidris Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Miccostruma Miccostruma Brown, 1948e Genus Synonym
Hexadaceton frosti Epopostruma frosti Brown, 1948e Species Valid
Quadristruma Quadristruma Brown, 1949b Genus Synonym
Smithistruma (Smithistruma) incerta Strumigenys incerta Brown, 1949d Species Valid
Kyidris nuda Strumigenys nuda Brown, 1949d Species Synonym
Smithistruma rostrataeformis Strumigenys rostrataeformis Brown, 1949d Species Valid
Strumigenys (Strumigenys) solifontis Strumigenys solifontis Brown, 1949d Species Valid Original combination
Crematogaster (Acrocoelia) chungi Crematogaster chungi Brown, 1949e Species Valid Original combination
Amblyopone (Stigmatomma) trigonignatha Stigmatomma trigonignathum Brown, 1949e Species Valid
Basicerotini Basicerotini Brown, 1949f Tribe Synonym
Kyidris Kyidris Brown, 1949f Genus Synonym
Kyidris mutica Strumigenys mutica Brown, 1949f Species Valid
Creightonidris Creightonidris Brown, 1949h Genus Synonym
Creightonidris scambognatha Basiceros scambognathus Brown, 1949h Species Valid
Octostruma simoni subsp. sulcata Octostruma simoni sulcata Brown, 1949h Subspecies Synonym Original combination
Eurhopalothrix procera subsp. melanotica Eurhopalothrix procera melanotica Brown, 1949h Subspecies Synonym Original combination
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Taxon descriptions between 1943–2002
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No. of described taxa (including combinations) 392
No. of described taxa (valid, including combinations) 250
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