Amblyopone australis Erichson, 1842 valid
Amblyopone australis Erichson, 1842: 261, pl. 5, fig. 7 (w.) AUSTRALIA. Australasia.
  • Smith, 1858a: 109 (q.m.); Wheeler & Wheeler, 1952a: 116 (l.); Imai et al., 1977: 347 (k.).
  • Senior synonym of Amblyopone laevidens, Amblyopone nana: Wilson, 1958c: 142; of Amblyopone cephalotes (and its junior synonym Amblyopone maculata): Brown, 1958h: 14; of Amblyopone fortis, Amblyopone foveolata, Amblyopone minor, Amblyopone obscura, and material of the unavailable names Amblyopone howensis, Amblyopone norfolkensis, Amblyopone pallens, Amblyopone queenslandica referred here: Brown, 1960a: 167 (these previously provisional synonyms in Brown, 1958h: 13).
  • See also: Taylor, 1979: 835.
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