Stigmatomma Roger, 1859 valid neuter
Stigmatomma Roger, 1859: 250 Type-species: Stigmatomma denticulatum, by subsequent designation of Bingham, 1903: 36.
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Genus Stigmatomma references

For references pre-2012, see under Amblyopone. Yoshimura & Fisher, 2012a: 17 (male diagnosis, synonymy); Xu & Chu, 2012: 1177 (Asia species key (as Amblyopone)); Bharti & Rilta, 2015b: 506 (Indian species, key to species with eleven antennomeres); Esteves & Fisher, 2016 (Malagasy species revision, key); Hsu et al., 2017: 90 (key to Asian species with eleven antennomeres); Cantone, 2017: 107 (brief male diagnosis)


Extant: 53 valid species

Fossil: 2 valid species

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