Linepithema iniquum (Mayr, 1870) valid
Hypoclinea iniqua Mayr, 1870a: 392, fig. 10 (w.) COLOMBIA. Neotropic.
  • Forel, 1908: 395 (m.).
  • Combination in Iridomyrmex: Emery, 1890c: 56; in Linepithema: Shattuck, 1992a: 16.
  • Senior synonym of Linepithema bicolor, Linepithema dominicensis, Linepithema fuscescens, Linepithema melleus, Linepithema nigellus, Linepithema succineus and material of the unavailable name Linepithema paranaensis referred here: Wild, 2007a: 67.
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