Aenictus luteus Emery, 1892 valid
Aenictus luteus Emery, 1892f: 568, pl. 15, figs. 11, 12 (m.) SIERRA LEONE. Afrotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: 2 syntype males (one with head missing). Primary type locality: Sierra Leone: (no further data) (Staudinger & Bang-Haas). Primary type depository: MSNG. Primary type specimen: CASENT0903758. Type notes: In the original description Emery says, “deux exemplaires de Sierra-Leone”, but Emery, 1895l: 747, gives the type-locality as Ghana (“Goldküste”). It is not apparent if this is an error or a correction.
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Extant: 1 valid subspecies

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