Type information
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This is the standardized format that should be followed when entering primary and secondary type information and type notes on the protonym editing form. Information should be kept as succinct as possible and no quotation marks should be used unless necessary.

Primary type information

Information regarding holotypes, lectotypes, neotypes and syntypes.

These headers and this format should be used:

Primary type material: What kind of type, cast, number of specimens etc.
Primary type locality: Any information about where the type specimen/s was/were collected.
Primary type depository/ies: The code of the institution/collection where the type material is deposited. Abbreviations can be found here: https://antcat.org/institutions
Primary type specimen/s: Links to the type specimen/s on AntWeb if available. It is a goal to have AntWeb images of all types linked to their protonym on AntCat. The specimen code (e.g. CASENT number) should be entered and will automatically be hyperlinked by AntCat upon saving. Multiple specimen codes should be separated by a comma and series of specimen codes should to separated by "to" instead of "-". Specimen codes not recognized by AntCat can be replaced with the URL of the specimen's page on AntWeb.


Primary type material: holotype worker.
Primary type locality: India: Madras State, Anaimalai Hills, below Aliyar Dam, 1150 m., 18.xi.1972, Winkler (Besuchet, Löbl & Mussard).
Primary type depository: MHNG.
Primary type specimen: CASENT0811234.

Secondary type information

Information regarding paratypes, paralectotypes and paraneotypes.

These headers and this format should be used:

Secondary type material: Same as above but for the secondary type specimen/s.
Secondary type locality: Same as above but for the secondary type specimen/s.
Secondary type depository/ies: Same as above but for the secondary type specimen/s.
Secondary type specimen/s: Same as above but for the secondary type specimen/s.


Secondary type material: paratype workers (number not stated, “a small series”), 1 paratype ergatoid queen.
Secondary type locality: same as for holotype.
Secondary type depositories: ANIC, BMNH, MCZC, MHNG.
Secondary type specimens: CASENT0811231, CASENT0811232, CASENT0811233 to CASENT0811236.

Type notes

Any comments regarding the assessment of the validity of the type/s and notes about any errors in the type locality and type specimens. This field will mostly not be used.

Further notes

  • If differing/complementary type information is entered from different sources (e.g. two different publications), the information should be prefixed by the citation link.


Primary type material: Forel, 1905e: 2 syntype workers. Heterick, 2006: 1 lectotype worker.

  • Where there is information about the designation of a lectotype or neotype, this format should be followed when entering it in the primary type field:

Primary type material: lectotype caste (?) (by designation of {author citation}).


Primary type material: lectotype male (by designation of MacKay, 1996: 153).

This should also be added as a history item (see: https://antcat.org/wiki_pages/11).

Protonyms with filled-in type-related fields