Leach, W. E. 1815. Entomology. Pp. 57-172 in: Brewster, D. (ed.) 1815. The Edinburgh encyclopedia. Edinburgh: William Blackwood, Volume 9.
Title Entomology.
Pagination Pp. 57-172 in:
Year 1815
Date 1815-04
Type Nested reference
Bolton key Leach 1815
Nested in Brewster, 1815
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Taxa originally described in this reference (including combinations)
Note: taxa described in nested references of this reference are not included here.
Taxon Authorship Rank Status
Dorylii Leach, 1815 147 Tribe Unavailable misspelling
Dorylinae Leach, 1815 147 Subfamily Valid
Dorylini Leach, 1815 147 Tribe Obsolete combination