Name Authorship Pages Forms Locality Notes
Acantholepis rubrovaria r. pilosa var. avunculus Arnold, 1920a 563 w. ZIMBABWE.
Acantholepis rugithorax Santschi, 1930b 73, fig. 6 w. ANGOLA.
Acantholepis schoutedeni Santschi, 1935a 271, fig. 20 w. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.
Acantholepis silvicola Arnold, 1920a 576, fig. 57 w.q.m. MOZAMBIQUE.
Acantholepis simplex Forel, 1892a 43 (diagnosis in key) w. SOMALIA.
Acantholepis simplex var. minuta Forel, 1916 438 w. SOUTH AFRICA.
Acantholepis simplex var. rubrovaria Forel, 1910f 449 w.m. LESOTHO.
Acantholepis somalica Menozzi, 1927f 359, fig. 3 w.q. SOMALIA.
Acantholepis spinosior Forel, 1913a 144 w. ZIMBABWE.
Acantholepis spinosior var. ballaensis Arnold, 1920a 558 w. ZIMBABWE.
Acantholepis spinosior var. natalensis Arnold, 1920a 559 w. SOUTH AFRICA.
Acantholepis submetallica Arnold, 1920a 566 w.q.m. ZIMBABWE.
Acantholepis submetallica var. aspera Arnold, 1920a 568 w. MOZAMBIQUE.
Acantholepis tenuipilis Santschi, 1935a 275 w. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.
Acantholepis tuberculatus Lowne, 1865a 332 w. AUSTRALIA.
Acantholepis vestita Dixey & Longstaff, 1907 333
Acantholepis xichangensis Wu & Wang, 1995a 130, figs. 226, 227 w. CHINA.
Acanthomyops Mayr, 1862 652 (diagnosis in key), 699
Acanthomyops (Chthonolasius) bicornis subsp. kashmirensis Donisthorpe, 1930d 225 q.m. INDIA.
Acanthomyops (Chthonolasius) hingstoni Donisthorpe, 1929a 448 w. INDIA.
Acanthomyops (Chthonolasius) negrensis Donisthorpe, 1933d 537 q. ARGENTINA.
Acanthomyops (Chthonolasius) rufoniger Donisthorpe, 1933d 537 w. ARGENTINA.
Acanthomyops (Dendrolasius) brunneus var. nigrobrunneus Donisthorpe, 1926b 18 w. ITALY.
Acanthomyops (Donisthorpea) edwardsi Donisthorpe, 1933d 535 w.q.m. ARGENTINA.
Acanthomyops (Donisthorpea) kosswigi Donisthorpe, 1950d 640 w. TURKEY.
Acanthomyops bureni Wing, 1968a 135, figs. 159-167 w.q.m. U.S.A.
Acanthomyops colei Wing, 1968a 88, figs. 64-67 w.m. U.S.A.
Acanthomyops creightoni Wing, 1968a 141, figs. 177-185 w.q.m. U.S.A.
Acanthomyops fuliginosus subsp. capitatus Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1927e 187 w. RUSSIA.
Acanthomyops niger subsp. alienus var. flavidus Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1927e 189 w. KAZAKHSTAN.
Acanthomyops niger subsp. alienus var. pilicornis Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1927e 189 w. KAZAKHSTAN.
Acanthomyops niger subsp. alienus var. turkmenus Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1927e 189 w. KAZAKHSTAN.
Acanthomyops niger subsp. nitidus Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1927e 188 w. KAZAKHSTAN.
Acanthomyops niger var. minimus Kuznetsov-Ugamsky, 1928b 20 w. RUSSIA.
Acanthomyopsini Donisthorpe, 1943g 618
Acanthomyrmex Emery, 1893a cclxxvi
Acanthomyrmex basispinosus Moffett, 1986c 67, figs. 8A, 9-14 s.w. INDONESIA (Sulawesi).
Acanthomyrmex careoscrobis Moffett, 1986c 78, figs. 39A, 40-43 w. BORNEO.
Acanthomyrmex concavus Moffett, 1986c 80, figs. 39B-C, 44-47 w. BORNEO.
Acanthomyrmex crassispina Wheeler, 1930b 101, fig. 2 w. TAIWAN.
Acanthomyrmex dusun Wheeler, 1919f 89 s. BORNEO.
Acanthomyrmex dyak Wheeler, 1919f 86 s.w. BORNEO.
Acanthomyrmex ferox Emery, 1893h 245 (footnote), pl. 6, fig. 11 w. WEST MALAYSIA.
Acanthomyrmex foveolatus Moffett, 1986c 82, figs. 39D, 48-50 s. BORNEO.
Acanthomyrmex glabfemoralis Zhou & Zheng, 1997a 47, figs. 1, 2 w. CHINA.
Acanthomyrmex humilis Eguchi et al., 2008 238, figs. 22-30 s.w.ergatoid q. VIETNAM.
Acanthomyrmex kochi Emery, 1911g 252, fig. 1 w. NEW GUINEA.
Acanthomyrmex laevis Moffett, 1986c 76, figs. 8F, 29-32 w. WEST MALAYSIA.
Acanthomyrmex luciolae Emery, 1893a cclxxvi s.w. SRI LANKA.
Acanthomyrmex malikuli Jaitrong & Asanok, 2019 116, figs. 1-3 w.q.m. THAILAND.