Atta praecursor Frič & Bayer, 1901 valid, ichnotaxon
Atta praecursor Frič & Bayer, 1901: 167, fig. 8 (damaged leaf) Frič, in Frič & Bayer, 1901. [Second fig. 8 in article referred to as fig. 9 in the description.] CZECH REPUBLIC (Cretaceous, ichnospecies).
  • [Note: ichnotaxon; damaged leaf, supposedly caused by an attine ant. Extremely unlikely as Cretaceous far too early for attines.].
  • Leaf damage the result of tenthredinid larva, megachiline bee, or other: Handlirsch, 1908: 672; Baroni Urbani, 1980b: 4.
  • Not a bee trace fossil: Michez et al., 2012: 105.