Monomorium rubriceps Mayr, 1876 an obsolete combination of Chelaner rubriceps (Mayr, 1876)
Monomorium rubriceps Mayr, 1876: 101 (w.m.) AUSTRALIA (Queensland, New South Wales). Australasia.
Primary type information: Type-material: syntype workers, syntype males (numbers not stated). Type-localities: Australia: Queensland, Rockhampton (no collector’s name), Queensland, Cape York (no collector’s name), New South Wales, Sydney (no collector’s name). Type-depository: NHMW. Type notes: Heterick, 2001: 436, records a ‘paralectotype...desig. by R.W. Taylor’, but no publication that nominates a lectotype has been detected.

Extant: 0 valid subspecies (3 obsolete combinations)