Amblyopone obscuraSmith, 1858junior synonym of current valid taxon Amblyopone australis
Amblyopone obscura Smith, 1858aSmith, F. 1858a. Catalogue of hymenopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part VI. Formicidae. London: British Museum, 216 pp. [1858-03-27] PDFExternal_link: 109 (w.q.) AUSTRALIA. Australasia. AntWeb AntWiki
Clark, 1925bClark, J. 1925b. The ants of Victoria. Part II. Victorian Naturalist (Melbourne) 42:135-144. [1925-10-09] PDFExternal_link: 138 (m.). Subspecies of Amblyopone australis: Froggatt, 1905Froggatt, W. W. 1905. Domestic insects: ants. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 16:861-866. [1905-09-02]External_link}: 8; Forel, 1910bForel, A. 1910b. Formicides australiens reçus de MM. Froggatt et Rowland Turner. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 18:1-94. [1910-03-22] PDFExternal_link: 2; Wheeler, 1927cWheeler, W. M. 1927c. Ants of the genus Amblyopone Erichson. Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 62:1-29. [1927-02] PDFExternal_link: 10. Junior synonym of Amblyopone australis: Brown, 1960aBrown, W. L., Jr. 1960a. Contributions toward a reclassification of the Formicidae. III. Tribe Amblyoponini (Hymenoptera). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 122:143-230. [1960-03]External_link}: 167.

†fossil valid synonym subspecies unidentifiable/excluded from Formicidae unavailable/nomen nudum homonym original combination View full key